About Us

Our magazine started when our team got together and decided we all have one passion in this life – we all love beautiful and elegant things. That passions reached all branches of our lives, work life and private life. One of the clearest examples of that elegance is a limo. For us, these cars are something bigger than a bunch of metal, they depicture a luxurious way of life and prestige.

We decided to create this magazine as a place where we can put our thoughts and discuss the most beautiful things. Later, a part of our team changed and we became a fully-developed limo magazine. Now you can find everything that is connected to limos on the pages of our magazine.

We have various rubrics where we discuss different aspects of driving or having a luxurious car. John, our main mechanic guy, often discusses maintenance and can help you keep your car in the best condition. John worked as a mechanic for a limo company ever since he left tech school, and cars are his main passion. He can also help you with retro cars and he recently started writing about those as well.

Our ladies, Joanna and Kat both worked for limo companies long ago and now they love to do business reviews and share different tips both for chauffeurs and clients of those companies. They often tell different stories and those are fun to read!

Rid, our chauffeur can share plenty of useful tips (as well as funny or bothering stories) with you. He is a full-time chauffeur, but whenever he has a minute or two, he works on another post. He is an aspiring writer, so developing skills and his professional tone is very important for him.

Our small team helps to run this magazine. We are all locals and we all worked in a limo industry in different positions. Now we came together to share our thoughts and make dreams come true.