Write for Us

When we started this magazine and people started reading us, we developed a small community of people who are knowledgeable about limos and luxurious style. When we re-branded our magazine/blog and a part of our editors left, some of our closest readers took their places. That is why we developed a new vision and we always welcome guest posts and comments from our readers.

It’s very important to us that you come here and share your thoughts or your knowledge with us. We believe that new people can bring diversity to our magazine and make it more interesting to read. If you’re a blogger yourself, you might benefit from cross-advertising and include some links to your blog that might help both of our audiences grow.

If you want to, you might even regularly write for us and develop your personal column. As long as people read you and your writings are relevant to our main theme, we welcome new people! However, note that there are a few rules you have to keep in mind if you want to send us your article:

  • Diversify your content.
    You have to include at least 3 pictures in your post. We believe that it will help readers understand you better and it can be interesting to Visual content is mandatory, but you might also include videos or infographics.
  • Create longer posts.
    We would love to see longer articles. Make sure yours contains at least 500 words. If you are adding pictures or posting infographics, you don’t want to aim for 500 words, but you still have to add some text. If you’re retelling your experience, make sure you can meet this expectation.
  • Don’t spam with links.
    We allow a few links in your guest post, but those have to be relevant or link to your blog/site. However, including too many links is considered spamming. If we see that you’re adding too many links, we won’t publish your article.
  • Don’t send us previously posted articles.
    We are not interested in plagiarism and we will check if your article has it. If you’re adding a quote, it’s allowed, but your text can’t be plagiarized.
  • Eliminate mistakes.
    We all make mistakes, that’s fine. But there are free spell checkers and grammar editors that will help you make your post clean of the biggest errors. Please, make sure you run a few checkers and don’t send us posts with mistakes.

If your post meets all of those rules, we will most likely publish it. If we decline an article, we always e-mail you with a reason. We want to see the best and the most interesting articles in our magazine.